Space technologies to empower your business

Spaceway works with small satellite constellations and cutting-edge technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and remote sensing, to empower companies and bring business to the future. We do this by developing cutting-edge technology solutions with the ultimate goal to improve life on Earth.

our Solutions

Internet of Things

Spaceway prioritizes research and development dedicated to building innovative solutions for the Internet of the Future. We develop networks that foster technological and economic benefits for Agriculture, Energy, Industry and Environment.

Our products and services:

  • UNIoT: a self-sustaining edge device with satellite connectivity
  • Remote asset management from data harvesting to visualization and action
  • Satellite IoT connectivity even in the most remote places
  • Long-range and low-power communications, LPWAN, with cloud integration
  • Optimized networks with LoRa/LoRaWAN for Massive IoT and Big Data
  • Pre-processing and edge computing for fast decision making at lower costs

Earth Observation

Spaceway technologies enhance Earth discovery from space. The data from satellites provide extensive analytics and insights through high-resolution imagery and video to support decision-making in sectors ranging from Agriculture to Energy and Real Estate.

Our products and services:

  • High-resolution spatiotemporal data (daily, anywhere in the world)
  • High resolution multispectral (70cm) and hyperspectral (25m) imagery
  • Full-motion video monochromatic with 1m resolution
  • Geospatial analysis with change detection and monitoring

check our Latest Products and projects

Internet of Things
Earth Observation

BioD'Agro: AgroBiodiversity towards Sustainable Farming

BioD'Agro is an intelligent decision support system (DSS) used to gather and analyze AgroBiodiversity data in sustainable farming. The project is focused on monitoring viticulture and biodiversity interactions in natural protected areas. BioD’Agro combines in-situ sensor data with Earth observation images and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide information. This enables wine producers to make educated decisions with a vast ecological and sustainable impact on agriculture. Environmental regulators utilize the data produced by BioD'Agro to certify agricultural practices and control and monitor the impact on the ecosystem.

Earth Observation

KitSat - A fully functional educational satellite

Kitsat is made for anyone who wants to learn about space science. It has been designed to be used at schools, science centers and other space-related educational organizations and even curious individuals just like you. Understanding space technology is vital for the future and experimenting with it help the new generation to better cope with future challenges. Kitsat is more than just a satellite. It’s your personal space program starter pack. Build it now and fly it to the stratosphere if you want to!

Internet of Things

UNIoT: Massive IoT made easy

UNIoT provides UNiversal Internet of Things affordable and secure IoT connectivity anywhere, anytime. The communication is based on LoRa / LoRaWAN technology allied with small satellite constellations to provide network coverage in remote locations. Our Orchestrator establishes a wireless interface between commercial off-the-shelf sensors and the cloud, optimizing power consumption and data transmission. The device pre-processes and encrypts incoming data from sensors and sends it to an online gateway or to nanosatellites. This allows businesses to access valuable in-situ data globally without the associated complexity, making it easier to remotely monitor assets and empower operational efficiency.