Intelligent operating system for information and decision support in AgroBiodiversity

BioD’Agro aims to develop an intelligent operational information and decision support system for AgroBiodiversity, especially in remote locations (no internet connection) and natural parks, contributing to the promotion of local biodiversity and preservation of environmental sustainability. The project will focus on biological vineyards in the Douro Superior region, in particular in the Municipality of Figueira Castelo Rodrigo (MFCR), located in a place of high environmental relevance, the Douro International Natural Park (PNDI). The intention is to demonstrate a pilot solution that will consist of extracting, communicating, analyzing and processing data, integrating three technologies: sensor islands, communication via satellite, and information platform.


The main objective is the development of a system that allows the remote monitoring of vineyards and functional biodiversity and demonstrates its technological feasibility and usefulness for the producer.

Objective 1

Development of a network of intelligent and modular sensors for remote monitoring of variables relevant to viticulture and ecosystem biodiversity.

Objective 2

Development of a pilot of an alert, information and decision support platform in the scope of plant health and biodiversity that could be used by other users in decision making

Objective 3

Encouraging agrobiodiversity with the use of information technologies and sustainable agricultural practices, demonstrating that it is possible to efficiently reconcile productive activity with the promotion and preservation of biodiversity

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Start date
July 23, 2021
Completion date
May 31, 2024
Main objective
Intelligent operating system for information and decision support in AgroBiodiversity
Intervention region
Inland - Upper Douro
Project code
Lead entity
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Total eligible cost
Financial support
Colinas do Douro
Plataforma da Ciência Aberta - Município de Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo
Sinergiae Ambiente, Lda
Universidade da Beira Interior
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
LEAF - Landscape, Environment, Agricultura and Food
BPI + Fundação La Caixa