KitSat, Workshops and STEM activities

What is KitSat?

It's a new definition of fun: build it with your team and use it just like the satellites orbiting Earth.

Kitsat is an educational satellite based on the popular CubeSat format, which is used by hundreds of universities around the world. It is the core of the New Space movement, that is changing the way we access space.

Understanding this technology is fundamental for the next generation of space explorers.

  • Electrical Power System (EPS) charging from solar panels or USB connector;
  • Attitude Determination System (ADS);
  • On-Board Computer (OBC) as the central information processing unit,
  • Radio module for telecommanding and telemetry;
  • Payload instruments for autonomous observation;
  • A 32-bit ARM micro-architecture and 512 KB flash memory;
  • Accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, temperature and air pressure sensors;
  • A camera that can be used also for near infra red observations;
  • A ground segment unit for realistic satellite operations simulation.


What can you do with KitSat?

Simulate realistic CubeSat operations. See how a satellite is made. Play and learn. Create new missions, explore and have fun.

STEM subjects

Our workshops are designed by space engineers for students and teachers to be applied in STEM subjects (2-3h satellite teaching sessions to be done in a classroom).

The students can detach the parts of the satellite, assemble it again, set up the ground station and test the satellite functions.

After it, they are ready to plan a mission where they could receive data from the satellite, verify it and send commands to the satellite for taking and receiving photos.

STEM activities

Kitsat can be positioned to high public places or lifted with a helium balloon to an altitude of hundreds of meters.

A flyover can also be simulated very realistically using a drone. It can take Kitsat and fly at a low altitude over the ground station just like a real satellite would move in the sky.

It can be used as well for exploration missions: one group of students can take the satellite to a hidden place and move it along an unknown trajectory, while another group tries to track it and observe the surroundings with the camera via the radio link.

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KitSat, Workshops and STEM activities
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