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NewSpace Academy cultivates a hands-on multidisciplinary approach to education and specialised training focused on NewSpace related fields. We work closely with distinguished academics, experts and professionals to ensure our programs are tailored to the space industry needs and provide quality learning to students, professionals, and executives.

Spaceway takes advantage of space technology and uses it to educate future explorers.

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Spacecraft Operations

Spacecraft operations online course gives you a detailed overview on how to plan, prepare and perform spacecraft operations. Many operational aspects are addressed including the relevant tools and procedure, all aspects of satellite operations and corresponding ground segment design too.

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Blue planet with Satellite
Roger PereiraRoger Pereira
Every live session I attended was phenomenal! The lecturers are top-notch professionals in the industry and well-versed in their respective fields; the opportunity to interact and network with them sealed the deal for me when considering how well-connected Spaceway is to the space industry. Spaceway is doing an excellent service to the space community through the NSA, and I certainly recommend their courses!

Roger Pereira
Thermal Engineer Intern at ThrustMe


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Educational Products

Rocket STEM Kits

Plan, build and launch water rockets like an aerospace engineer. With our rocket stem kit you can actually do “Rocket Science”. These Water Rockets can go up to 100 meters, using only water and air. The Launchpad developed by Spaceway allows users to perform a number of activities for all ages and groups. Get in contact with us today to become a rocket scientist with our kits.


Kitsat is an educational satellite concept based on the CubeSat format. It provides a platform for realistic satellite operation simulations and is a full package for sci-tech teaching. Kitsat can be used as an introduction to space technology, with uses ranging from high school STEAM curriculum to professional entry-level training. Start your own space program with Kitsat!

Space Comic Books Ruvi Humbi

We produce personalized STEM comic books for organizations or special events. We work together with you, art studios and science communicators to define the storyline, characters, and knowledge to be shared. Deliver a practical and fun learning experience by getting your comic book now.