Your "Way to Space”

Spaceway is focused on engineering and education solutions. As a technology company, we are at the forefront of innovation in the areas of Communications and Earth Observation. We also work to enable the next generation of space explorers and professionals through developing specialized training. We aim to bring value to business, communities, and contribute to make the world a better place.


Empower our community (people and organizations) for the NewSpace Age.


Enabling the next generation of space professionals through disruptive education and empowering organisations through space technology.

We are humble enough to know that together, with strong partnerships, we thrive.
We seek what we don’t know. There is always something to be learned.
We are action driven and look to find solutions to problems and to push innovation further.
We work hard and also have fun as we believe in work-life balance.
We behave ethically and we are transparent about our work.

Our Skills

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Internet of things

Spaceway uses low-power LoRa/LoRaWAN technology, even in locations without internet access. We adapt sensors and develop intelligent alert and monitoring information systems for many possible IoT applications.

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Earth Observation

We provide affordable, high-frequency, high-resolution imagery for agriculture, forestry, energy, environment and infrastructures. Spaceway technology supports the decision-making processes of business through intelligent and precise insights.

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Education & Training

Specialized and multidisciplinary hands-on education and training on NewSpace topics from space mission design to small satellites, remote sensing, and business growth. Take a look at our Academy page.

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Expertise in space mission analysis and design, especially in orbital analysis and constellation design for small satellite missions.

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Space Transformation

Spaceway makes use of space technology to offer resilient data services coupled with pioneering analytics and design thinking solutions. The goal is to produce insights that inform, automate and advance business operations across sectors.

Meet the team

Jorge Monteiro
CEO & Founder

Aerospace Engineer and Researcher. Business, Strategy and Costumer Development.

Paulo Antunes
COO & founder

Aerospace Engineer. Product Owner and Management.

Júlio Santos
Head of Technology

Aerospace Engineer. Telecomms, Ground Segment, Systems Engineering.

Miguel Torres
Head of Engineering

Electrical and Computers Engineer. IoT, DevOps and Software Development.

João Albergaria
Head of Art & Design

Arquitect. Design, Innovation and Communication.

Sérgio Simões
IoT Engineer

Aerospace Engineer. Prototyping and Hardware Development.

Henrique Alves
IoT Engineer

Aerospace Engineer. Software and Hardware Development